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Digital media represents the artistic convergence of various kinds of hardware and software design elements to create entirely new forms of communication expression.  Digital media has transformed the way communicate and access information.  Booking a vacation on or

Trip Advisor is a very different value proposition than working with a travel agent.  And streaming a movie via Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney Plus on a high-definition television set or a computer tablet has given new meaning to the term video-on demand.  Digital media in the 21st century requires a special appreciation for speed, mobility and convenience.  Today’s Internet user expects   to access the web - anytime, anywhere.  Location should never be an obstacle. 


Digital media has proven to be a major game changer  when it comes to storytelling.  Digital storytelling is the art of using digital tools to tell a story.  From digital news to a highly engaging website display, digital storytelling assumes a wide range of electronic media narratives that might include: text, still and moving imagery, enhanced sound effects, as well as being nonlinear and interactive.  Such stories no longer conform to the conventions of traditional storytelling.  The once iconic photograph album has become more decidedly multipurpose in approach with digital imprints now available on one’s phone, computer tablet or social media account.

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