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At the Digital Navigator EG, my goal is to feature every two months a special book of interest that I think you'll find valuable in terms of your general work and interest.

We start the series by featuring the work of Professor Roger Cooper from Ohio University and his book entitled:

The 12 Attributes of Extraordinary

Media Professionals

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roger these many years and he is a top flight educator with a remarkable commitment to his students.


Careers in media and creative professions are extremely competitive, with less direct pathways to jobs and advancement relative to more traditional or technical professions.  Many  future media professionals train for careers without a clear understanding that personal attributes like adaptability, integrity, and confidence are just as important as any practical  or theoretical knowledge. In today's flooded market of talented and intelligent job applicants, it is more important than ever that media and communications professionals master critical soft skills to succeed in building their career.  In The 12 Attributes of Extraordinary Media Professionals, Roger Cooper shows young professionals that while personal attributes are essential to success, building these soft skills
is a dynamic process that can be just as enjoyable as it is rewarding. This book fills a void in the personal and professional development of media professionals by presenting key attributes as a system of qualities that, when applied and considered together, add synergistic benefits for the individual's career. Cooper combines examples of successful media professionals with activities to begin readers' development of twelve attributes that will prove timeless and relevant regardless of an individual's career stage or the inevitable changes in business practices and technology.


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