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At the Digital Navigator EG, my goal is to feature every three months a special book of interest that I think you'll find valuable in terms of your general work and interest.

We continue the series by featuring the work of Professor Zvezdan Vukanovic from the Canadian University in Dubai and his book entitled:

The International Who's Who

of Media Economics and Management

and Iternet Media Economics Research

I have had the pleasure of knowing Zvezdan these many years and he is a top flight educator who is highly regarded by his international peers. He serves on the executive board of the International Media Management and Academic Association.

The front book cover.png

This publication is simultaneously a biographical, encyclopedic, and reference guide that highlights the biographical details and profiles charting the achievements and careers of an impressive array of the most influential global researchers, authors, and experts in the field
of media economics and management research. The scope and magnitude of this monograph are possibly best explained by the
fact that the book features 1,325 thoroughly updated prominent and distinguished researchers’ biographical profiles from forty-nine different countries across six continents. Dr. Vukanovic has defined
and contextualized in great detail more than 40 highly relevant media business and technology terms and concepts while listing the titles
of around 1,050 of the most widely cited and impactful books and monographs, as well as 6500 journal articles in the fields of media economics and management and Internet media economics. The personal listings include detailed information on each researcher’s university and organizational affiliation, educational background, expertise specialty, notable publications, consulting activities, editorships, and major research grants.

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