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Academic Associations


Academy of Management


            – Communication, Digital Technology and Organization


            – Technology and Innovation Management


Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

            – Media Economics, Management and Entrepreneurship


Broadcast Education Association

            – Management and Programming Division

Columbia Institute for Tele-Information

European Media Management Association

International Communication Association

             – Communication Technology Division

             – Information Systems


International Media Management Academic Association

National Communication Association

            – Human Communication and Technology Division


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

            – IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication


NordMedia Network


TPRC: Communications, Information and Internet Policy


World Media Economics and Management Conference



Professional and Regulatory Policy Associations


Association of Telecom, Mobility and IT Management Professionals


Broadband Commission: ITU and UNESCO


CTIA: The U.S. Wireless Industry

European Telecommunications Network Operator's Association

Federal Aviation Administration: Satellite Navigation and GPS

Federal Communications Commission


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering)


International Telecommunications Union


National Telecommunications and Information Administration


NCTA: The Internet and Television Association


Satellite Industry Association

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Photo: Western Michigan University
Photo: Satellite Industry Association
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