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The Business of Cable Television

Cable Television

A cable television system is a communication system that distributes broadcast and satellite-delivered programming by means of coaxial and/or fiber optic cable to people’s homes. The business of cable television consists of two primary sets of players, including: the cable television operator and the cable program supplier. The cable operator is responsible for providing cable television service to the community. The cable operator packages a diverse set of program services and charges subscribers a fee accordingly.  The cable programmer is anyone responsible for providing television programs to the cable operator.  This can include both the broadcast networks as well as cable program services such as ESPN, Discovery Channel, Fox News, CNN etc. 



The term "broadband" refers to any system designed to deliver
high-speed Internet services to the home or business.  Broadband delivery is the great infrastructure challenge of the 21st century.  Cable television is the most widely used method for providing Internet capability to the home.  Many such cable subscribers elect to subscribe to an Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.

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