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  The Global Virtual Project Team

The Global Virtual Project Team

Thee term virtual communication can be used to describe the artificial space and network linkages connecting a separate and dispersed group of users using various forms of computer and communication technology.  From social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to videoconferencing software like Zoom and WebEx, the common denominator with all forms of virtual communication is the ability to create a simulated environment.  The communication can be both synchronous (real time) as well  as asynchronous (different times).  The selection and type of communication technology is based on how much information content the sender wishes the receiver to have. 

International project teams are the key to smart, flexible and cost effective organizations. A virtual global project team represents working professionals from a TNC’s worldwide operations  assembled together for both regular international operations as well as specialized project assignments.  They are staffed by working professionals from different countries.  More and more, global virtual teams are used as part of a larger effort to share international expertise across the entire organization. 

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